Christ’s Haven exists, at our core, to serve kids who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by providing them trauma-informed care in a family model providing normalcy, dignity, and hope. Today, human trafficking is a major form of abuse that children across our nation and the world are facing. Metropolitan areas like Dallas-Fort Worth see an even higher number of children being trafficked. We are also fortunate to have nonprofits in DFW whose sole mission is to help survivors from the first day they are rescued and into adulthood cope with the trauma they experienced and find resources to achieve healing. 

Partnerships with organizations like Traffick911, Unbound, and Unfaulted, to name a few, allow Christ’s Haven to walk alongside children, teens, and young adults who are survivors and play a part in their healing process. Whether we are offering resources through a referral list, providing counseling or food boxes through our Gap Services program, or even being a placement option for survivors, we here at Christ’s Haven believe that our response to the human trafficking crisis is critical. 

To that end, we are also providing our houseparents with training on what trafficking is and how to identify it to help prevent that from happening. At-risk youth are often targeted, so we believe our best offense is a good defense. We as houseparents and staff are equipped with the knowledge and are working to teach our kids, teens, and young adults in age appropriate ways what trafficking looks like and how to be safe. 

Maddie Churchman
VP of Programs
Christ’s Haven For Children