Normalcy. Dignity. Hope.

Three words we say a lot. Three words that drive everything we do at Christ’s Haven For Children, where we provide a trauma-informed, family model of care for displaced youth. As we enter the holiday season, we will sing songs about hope and print it as a greeting on our Christmas cards.

But what does hope look like at Christ’s Haven?

We see hope lived out every day in the form of: Siblings, Childhood, Reunification, Future, & Family.

All of these are ways the care provided at Christ’s Haven makes an impact in a child’s life. All are ways they can see and feel hope in their lives. We can’t provide these without your ongoing financial support.

Will you consider making a gift to Christ’s Haven to help us continue supporting displaced children, teens, and young adults? Your gift today will provide normalcy, dignity, and hope now and for years to come.

DONATE and give HOPE