Thank you so much for your desire to bless the children and teens at Christ’s Haven! Financial contributions are our #1 need especially this year with the fundraising challenges as a result of COVID. Our ability to provide day-to-day care for those we serve is dependent upon private donations. Of the 37 children, teens, and young adults on our campus, only have nine under the age of ten.

Our kiddos have an amazing Christmas and are showered with blessings. We have a very generous donor/ministry that has been blessing our kids for years with gifts. The kids open presents together as a family for Christmas. We have one Christmas party and our focus for that event is FUN. We purposely don’t schedule more than one party and don’t have gifts at the party. But we can still use your help with food drives, gift card drives, and wish list items for our houseparents. Many of the children who are placed come with a trash bag (if that) with little to no belongings. Having gift cards on hand for them to buy things for themselves is a blessing and gives them the dignity that they deserve. Gifts cards are a blessing and used all year round. 

Opportunities include:

  • Brighten up the campus by decorating the lobby, front signs, or purchasing Christmas inflatables for the cottages.
  • Purchase an item from the cottage wish list.
  • Participate in our Christmas Extravaganza. 
  • Host a gift card or food drive.

For any questions, sign-ups, or desire to host a drive please contact our Volunteer Manager, Summer Woods at