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Entrusting Us With God’s Precious Ones

Christ’s Haven for Children is a basic care facility licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service.

Christ’s Haven offers a uniquely enriching program, modeling a stable family life for children in need. Our program is designed to help families who are unable to care for their children.

  • Parents or legal guardians voluntarily place children in the care of Christ’s Haven when life circumstances create a need for assistance with basic care.
  • Parents maintain guardianship of the children while trusting the support system of our community.
  • Our staff encourages parents to be involved in setting goals for their child, with the ultimate goal of reunifying the families that we support.

Our care program offers a structured family environment, with a maximum of eight children per cottage.

  • Our Children’s Services Department oversees and directs this basic care program.
  • Each family-based arrangement is led by a case manager, along with qualified, trained, and loving house parents.
  • Each home is run by a live-in married couple whose primary role is to provide daily structure, guidance, and support for the children. The house mother is employed by Christ’s Haven while the house father maintains a full-time job outside of the campus.
  • Counseling is also available to help children to overcome emotional hardships.


Our professional staff encourages each child to develop a positive direction in their educational, social, spiritual and physical activities, including:

  • Attending Keller ISD schools
  • Participating in extra-curricular activities such as athletics, music, and drama
  • Enjoying a variety of community recreational activities
  • Attending a local church with their house family
  • Additional youth programs through these local churches such as summer camps and youth group activities

Please visit our Facilities page for more information on the features of our campus.


Unfortunately, family circumstances sometimes make it necessary for parents or guardians to seek help with the basic care of a child. Please visit the FAQ page for more information. We accept children regardless of their economic background. A family’s financial situation need not interfere with seeking support at Christ’s Haven for Children. If you know someone who may be considering placement, feel free to share the following information page with them.

Thank you for your interest in Christ’s Haven for Children. If we can be of help to you personally, please feel free to call our office at 817-431-1544 Ext.1011

Commitment to Sanctuary Living

Our newest initiative here at Christ’s Haven is a commitment to embracing The Sanctuary Model, a trauma-informed learning & living approach that encourages every person to recognize that everything we have experienced in life affects who we are today and tomorrow.  The staff and children alike here at Christ’s Haven are all currently immersed in an in-depth, 3 year process of integrating Sanctuary into every aspect of our ministry– be that in the home, office or school–and the concepts, language and tools we have been equipped with to assist this process will help Christ’s Haven to soon meet our stated goal of becoming a Sanctuary-certified agency.  For more information on the Sanctuary model, please visit

Questions? Email or call 817.431.1544 Ext.1011

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