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Residential Program:

At Christ’s Haven, we are an option outside of the traditional foster care system for displaced children and teens. Family members are able to place their children with us when they are no longer able to provide appropriate care often due to abuse, neglect, or financial strain. Our goal is to come alongside and provide safety, love, and consistency in the hope that families can become healthy and whole again.

A married couple lives in each of our homes as Houseparents with up to eight children and teens. They are responsible for meeting all of the daily needs – providing food, childcare, medical care, counseling, tutoring, and stability. An essential component of our model of care is children and their houseparents operating as a family unit. They guide and provide each aspect of their family life including schooling, meals, extracurricular activities, healthcare, entertainment, spiritual direction, etc.

College & Career Readiness Program:

We don’t believe at age 18 anyone should be expected to figure out how to launch into adulthood on their own. Our Life Path & Transition Programs offer an alternative for children who would otherwise age out of the foster care system. Beginning their junior year of high school and for up to five years in their post-secondary education, the teens and young adults in this program are provided with housing, transportation, tuition support, and access to critical tools and skills needed as they prepare for adulthood. Our staff are intentional in mentoring and helping guide these young adults into learning specific skills during weekly classes and planning for a successful future:

Life Skills – grocery shopping, budgeting, car maintenance & ownership, housecleaning, repairs, healthcare, etc.

Future Planning – gaining rental history, college and/or career path, job training, setting goals, etc.

This comprehensive program provides the platform for a successful launch into adulthood. All while they gain independence and maturity with someone supporting and cheering them along.


Teen Mom Program:

This unique program is designed to support teens that are parenting or expecting a child by providing mentoring in child-rearing and life skills while allowing teens to pursue educational and career opportunities to support their young family.  Ultimately our hope is to walk alongside these young moms on their journey to becoming exceptional caregivers to their children.

Counseling Services:

Christ’s Haven has professional counselors and licensed therapists on staff who are dedicated to improving the lives and relationships of children and their families. All children and teens living at Christ’s Haven have access to weekly counseling sessions. Counseling services are also available to the public and include: individual counseling for children, adolescents, and adults; family counseling; marital counseling; children’s anger management; grief counseling; sexual abuse counseling; and more.

Sunshine Spaces:

A child or teenager’s bedroom is their place to rest, rejuvenate, and express themselves. Children and teens who live at Christ’s Haven For Children due to abuse or neglect now have their own personalized bedrooms that reflect their personalities and interests.

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