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We are so very thankful for the opportunity we have to serve those entrusted to our care.  We see there being no greater calling than to assist these young people through what will be one of the most significant times in their lives.  Below are the services we perform at Christ’s Haven for Children.

Place a Child
Unfortunately, family circumstances sometimes make it necessary for parents or guardians to seek help with the basic care of a child. Christ’s Haven for Children is a voluntary placement where guardians do maintain full custody of their child, but allow our agency to care for their child’s needs while they are placed in our care. We accept children aged birth – 17 years old.

It is important to note that we are not an emergency placement. Our home requires an application and interview process. Once you have completed the application, please return it, along with supporting documents (such as psychological evaluations and psychological hospital records), to the Intake Coordinator. The Children’s Services department will review it and follow up with any additional information they need. The next step is a required face to face interview with the parent or guardian and the child.  Shortly after this meeting, you will be notified about the status of placing your child.

Campus Care
Christ’s Haven offers a unique program, modeling a stable family life for children in need. Our program is designed to help families who are unable to care for their children. Parents or legal guardians voluntarily place children in the care of Christ’s Haven, and maintain guardianship of their children while trusting the support system of our community. Each cottage on campus is home to a married couple whose primary role is to provide daily structure, guidance, and support for the children.

Life Path (Transition)
Christ’s Haven’s Life Path program provides a stable platform for our teenage youth to launch into adulthood. Young adults begin the Life Path programs as junior and seniors in high school, attending classes focused on life skills. Following graduation, our program offers the opportunity to pursue education and employment while remaining a part of our community in our duplex-style Life Path home.

Teen Mom
The Teen Mom program at Christ’s Haven for Children is designed to support currently parenting or expecting teenage mothers. Our program provides mentoring in child-rearing skills. Ultimately, we hope to walk alongside our young mothers on their journey to becoming independent, exceptional care-givers.

As our members require counseling, we have a professional staff that offers them wisdom, insight and understanding with the issues in which they are dealing.

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The old saying many hands make light work is so true. There are so many ways you can get involved, and we need your hands!


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You have the ability to sow into the lives of young people during what is the most impactful time of a persons life.

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Caring For God's Children

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If you have been blessed financially, please consider assisting us in our mission to care for our children.

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