Amy recently reflected on the one year anniversary of serving as a Christ’s Haven Houseparent:

“Happy 1 year bonus-parentversary to us! On this day last year, we packed up our 2-bedroom little apartment in a Penske truck a week after graduating with our theology/ biblical studies degree. We sold half of what we owned and moved to the Metroplex to fulfill an assignment as bonus parents to (at the time 4) and now 5 bonus sons plus a bonus daughter we got to have temporarily. We said yes to one of the most challenging assignments we have ever answered from God, and wow has He built up our faith and dependence on Him alone!

We have laughed, we have cried, we have been frustrated, we have felt alone, we have felt nervous with the reality of kids coming and going and having to rebuild, and so many other feelings we’ve encountered. But the one thing that has trumped every emotion has been the solid rock on which we stand! God is so incredibly faithful and so good to us. Our faith has been strengthened in every sense of the word. Our love has reached deeper. Our grace has grown. Our service has become more sacrificial. Our hearts have been humbled and continue to be. We have been blessed with such a sweet ministry family around us, and we could not have asked God for a better group of young men to love and journey. They can be strong willed at times, but they will turn their generation upside down for Jesus. I believe it wholeheartedly! In just a year, the sweet bond created is only a small picture of what God can do in such little yet intentional time. So much has happened in just one year, and I wouldn’t trade this process for anything.

From the sleepless nights wiping tears, to the nights with stomach bugs, cleaning a home full of throw up, to slammed doors from angry and hurting teens, to counseling sessions to tend wounds, to hurtful words and distance table talks, to healing conversations, joyful tears and hugs, to Jesus/Holy Spirit filled encounters I’ll never forget…and everything in between. We have truly been graced for this.

Our lives have been forever marked by this beautiful adventure. Lord thank you for leading us to this part of our calling. We had no idea what we were walking into a year ago, but we knew that you would walk with us and you haven’t stopped!”