Screened Opportunities for Groups & Individuals

Screened volunteers are able to work with the children and teens at Christ’s Haven. The minimum requirement to become a screened volunteer is to fill out the online volunteer application and complete a background check form, with a copy of a valid driver’s license.

The background check form can be sent to along with a copy of a valid driver’s license. The background check can take up to 10 business days to be returned.

Below are available options for screened volunteers.

1. Cottage sponsor program. This is a great opportunity for your team to “adopt” a cottage (1 of 6 on-campus) and develop a relationship with that family by doing something with/for them monthly. This does not have to be a huge commitment. Examples of monthly activities might include: Ordering pizza for the family & having it delivered, cooking & dropping off a meal, providing movie or restaurant gift cards, reading to a child in the evening, helping clean the house, help out with yard work, etc…

2. Volunteer during our summer recreation program. Each summer our kiddos attend a Christ’s Haven facilitated program both on and off-campus. We invite groups to participate by planning and facilitating a sports clinic, arts & crafts class, music camp, or other.

3. Consider becoming a mentor to one of the children in our care. By becoming a mentor you can impact a child’s life today and transform their potential for tomorrow. This opportunity requires training and a long-term commitment. For information about the mentoring program please contact

4. Ask your small/community group to group sponsor one of our Friday night or Saturday morning “parent night out events.” This is usually a 3-hour commitment where you plan and bring activities as well as a meal.

5. Consider serving as a back-up caregiver for house parents in the event of an emergency or other circumstance that calls them away from home. This opportunity requires significant training and is perfect for couples wanting to be more involved with the care of the children and teens at Christ’s Haven. Contact for more information.

6. Spend a Sunday evening with us in our chapel facilitating an evening of worship. You can plan music and activities.

Please call Summer Woods at 817-431-1544, ext. 1009 or email at
for more information and to get involved. We look forward to partnering with you!

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