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We know that you might have questions about Christ’s Haven, who we are and what we do. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better answer these questions.

When was Christ’s Haven founded?2018-11-01T20:13:27-05:00

Christ’s Haven for Children was founded in 1954 by Lilian and Homer Steadman in their home in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Shortly thereafer, in 1956, the couple and friends purchased approximately 200 acres in North Tarrant County. The first cottages were built in 1958 and children moved on campus for the first time that year.   Although the property has decreased over the years due to the sale of land, Christ’s Haven remains on the 58 acres of remaining land in Keller.

What does Christ’s Haven do?2018-11-01T20:20:41-05:00

Christ’s Haven for Children is a private placement residential group home that provides a warm, loving, Christian home where children in need of basic care can grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become productive citizens in society.

What is the difference between children’s homes?2018-11-01T20:20:47-05:00

To address the growing need of abandoned and neglected children and teens in the United States, there are many forms of foster care or children’s homes. Although Christ’s Haven maintains a collaborative and healthy relationship with the Department of Family and Protective Services, we remain a private (voluntary) placement children’s home with no state or federal placement contracts. Christ’s Haven for Children strives to provide a family atmosphere for our children and teens rather than an institutional structure. Our homes, or cottages, are designed like a typical family home.

What is life like for kids at Christ’s Haven?2018-11-01T20:20:52-05:00

Although we understand that we cannot replace what has been lost, we provide a program that allows each child to feel the love and support of a family. Each cottage at Christ’s Haven is home to a married couple that serves as house parents, and up to eight foster children. Our children attend Keller ISD schools and are encouraged to pursue their passions both academically and through extra-curricular activities such as athletics, band, choir, and involvement in student organizations. The families at Christ’s Haven live much like your family does, perhaps simply on a larger scale. Busy morning routines, family dinners, and lunch after church on Sundays; our children have the opportunity to experience the transformational support of a strong family.

Do families pay for services at Christ’s Haven?2018-11-01T20:20:59-05:00

The services provided to the children and families at Christ’s Haven for Children are funded solely by the generosity of our community. There are no fees of any kind associated with application or placement at Christ’s Haven.

How are kids placed at Christ’s Haven?2018-11-01T20:21:04-05:00

The children and teens at Christ’s Haven are placed by their biological family or guardians. We understand that the decision to place a child is not easy.  Therefore, our Children’s Services team guides each family through the application process and speaks transparently about our services during a series of visits to our home. We take time to get to know a child’s story prior to placement because we want to ensure that we are able to offer the utmost in care. For that reason, Christ’s Haven for Children is not an emergency shelter.

Who refers families to Christ’s Haven?2018-11-01T20:21:10-05:00

Families are referred to Christ’s Haven for Children by caring people such as guidance counselors, ministers, family friends, and case managers from the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Have the children placed at Christ’s Haven come from traumatic situations?2018-11-01T20:21:17-05:00

Yes, all children placed at Christ’s Haven for Children have experienced some form of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

What are house parents and how do you find them?2020-02-19T10:52:18-06:00

The house parents at Christ’s Haven for Children serve in a special way that is paramount to the success of our program. House parents are married couples that feel called by God to provide a warm and loving home to children whose families are unable to care for them. They live on campus full-time in one of the cottages outfitted for a married couple and up to 8 children. Although case managers assist periodically, couples that choose to be house parents welcome the role of being a parent to children who desperately need a home. From laundry, to helping with homework, to listening when they just need a friend, house parents support our children in the exact same ways as parents in typical families do. Being a house parent is not just a job, it’s a way of life that requires a big heart and an understanding mindset.

When house parents retire from Christ’s Haven, the Children’s Services Department diligently seeks qualified and passionate candidates to fulfill the mission within the home. In addition to speaking with churches who may be aware of couples in their congregation that may be qualified, we also advertise house parenting employment opportunities in various publications and on our website and social media platforms.

What is the Sanctuary Model and how is it used at Christ Haven?2018-11-01T20:21:28-05:00

Christ’s Haven for Children is a Sanctuary Certified Organization ( www.thesanctuaryinstitute.org ). The Sanctuary Model is a “trauma-informed” model of care that asks the most important question of all: “What has happened to this child?” Sanctuary is about recognizing that all individuals have experienced some form of trauma or adversity and such events can affect each and every aspect of how we connect and engage with the world around us. When we begin to ask, “what has happened” instead of “what is wrong” we are able to uncover the motivation behind behaviors or triggers. It is our hope that the partnership we have with the Sanctuary Institute allows our staff to provide the next level of exceptional care to children and teens that truly need our love and support.

Why is Christ’s Haven important to our community?2018-11-01T20:21:34-05:00

When you invest in positively impacting the life of a child, you are able to help transform not only that child’s life but also the lives of their current and future families and communities. The programs at Christ’s Haven provide a platform for healing which allows a child to envision a bright future and take the steps necessary to accomplish their goals. We believe that each life is precious to God and it is our mission to walk alongside our children as they discover what He has planned for them.

What are the greatest needs at Christ’s Haven today?2018-11-01T20:21:40-05:00

Providing a loving home and quality services to the children and teens at Christ’s Haven requires an investment of both prayer and financial support, which are our two greatest needs at this time. As we enhance our programs to better serve the children, we ask for your generous support. We are committed to stewarding your gifts in an effective and responsible manner.

How can I volunteer at Christ’s Haven?2018-11-01T20:21:45-05:00

To protect the privacy of the children and teens that live at Christ’s Haven for Children volunteer opportunities, that include the children placed in our care, are limited. However, we encourage you to contact the Office of Donor Relations for more information about campus wide opportunities throughout the year. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and to check our website frequently for news on upcoming events and ways you can volunteer.

How is your organization funded?2018-11-01T20:21:53-05:00

We rely on private donations as we do not receive any state or federal funding. We receive donations from individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, civic groups, and others. In addition, we have a resale store (Bearly Used located at 301 N. Main Street Keller, Texas 76248) which generates approximately 10% of our operating budget from the sale of donated items.

How can I financially contribute to Christ’s Haven?2018-11-01T20:21:59-05:00

We invite you to make your contribution today in the way that works best for you! In addition to sending your support by check or money order through the US Mail, you are also welcome to give at the touch of a button on our website or Facebook page.

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