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Director Of Children’s Services

We are looking for a strategic leader to join our team as the Director of Children’s Services. This person will understand the scope of the child welfare system while also utilizing their growth mindset to find ways of providing hope and healing to the children in our care.

Core Competencies:
Advocacy & Awareness

Applicants can submit resumes to: cassie@christshaven.org


  • Lead the Children’s Services team in a manner that drives our core values of normalcy, dignity and hope.
  • Directly supervise all programs and staff in the Children’s Services Department: Campus Care, Teen Mom, Counseling, Lifepath/Transition, and Summer Recreation.
  • Serve as a member of Christ’s Haven’s Leadership Team.
  • Available at all times, or ensure that another qualified Christ’s Haven employee is available, to handle emergencies.
  • Possess the knowledge and maturity to effectively respond to and diffuse crisis situations.
  • Assist the Controller in developing the annual budget for the Children’s Services Department and its programs, and ensure that all Children’s Services staff operate within budget.
  • Assist Christ’s Haven’s Volunteer Manager in scheduling time for on-campus volunteers. Ensure that volunteer interaction is appropriate and does not infringe on a child’s privacy and/or violate state or agency standards.


  • Develop and execute a plan for growth in programs and campus census.
  • Focus on organizational measurements and outcomes to ensure continued improvement of programs and stability and growth with those we serve.
  • Assist the Development Department in fundraising activities and gathering grant data as needed.

Advocacy & Awareness:

  • Positioned as an advocate and voice in the child welfare system, participating in local, state and national organizations to remain attuned to developing programs and practices.
  • Maintain professional relationships and good standing with all Christ’s Haven employees, children in care and their families, as well as local schools, churches and the community at large.
  • Serve as a thought leader and subject matter expert for external speaking opportunities.


  • Have a thorough knowledge of the standards set by the state of Texas for General Residential Operations and Child Placement Agencies.
  • Develop, update, and enforce campus policies as needed.
  • Work a flexible schedule in supporting the functioning of a 24/7 child care facility.
  • Oversee staffing patterns to ensure optimal supervision and provision of services.
  • Review all intake applications and make final placement decisions.
  • Participate in all intake meetings and attend all service planning meetings for children in care.
  • Dismiss children from care whose behaviors pose a risk to other children and/or staff.
  • Promptly report serious incidents and other relevant issues to Texas State Licensing, law enforcement, the child’s legal guardian, and Christ’s Haven’s CEO.
  • Submit state required reports and tracking information within specified timeframes.
  • Provide and/or arrange for emergency respite care for houseparents as needed.

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Master’s or higher degree from an accredited university in social work, human services or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years supervisory experience in childcare administration or a related field.
  • Licensed in Texas as an LCCA (or willing to attain licensure within one year of employment).
  • Possess a demonstrated knowledge of TDPFS Minimum Standards for General Residential Operations, Child Placing Agencies, and other state regulatory standards for child care facilities.
  • Be a faithful Christian, willing to sign and abide by Christ’s Haven’s Statement Of Faith.

Normalcy. Dignity. Hope.  –  Christ’s Haven For Children is a nonprofit organization centered around these core values. We are located in Keller, Texas; and provide a trauma-informed, family model of care for displaced children, teens, and young adults. As a voluntary placement organization, we are an option outside of the foster care system, often when a caregiver has exhausted all efforts to properly care for a child. Whether a child is with us for six months or sixteen years, we utilize that time loving them as our own and instilling normalcy, dignity, and hope into their lives. As a Christian organization, our hope is that their time with us will help lead them toward healing from their past abuse and/or neglect.

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