Do you remember your first days of school? The smell of your new box of crayons. The crispness of your brand new outfit. The excitement and anticipation of a new year.

Children and teens living at Christ’s Haven will have many of those same childhood memories because of generous donors like you.

Our trauma-informed, family model of care values the whole child. We believe the educational experience is an important part of their path to healing and hope. Your ongoing financial support is critical in providing a quality education along with formative, healthy childhood experiences. When you donate to Christ’s Haven, you provide the following for displaced children and teens:

Quality, Consistent Education

Often when children first come to Christ’s Haven they have had inconsistent school experiences, whether that’s from frequent absences or regularly moving schools. When a child is in traditional foster care, they move foster homes 3-4 times on average. That means changing schools, teachers, and all that is familiar 3-4 times or more. Further compounding the trauma they’ve already experienced. While at Christ’s Haven, a student’s school experience is consistent and stable setting them up for academic growth:

  • Prior to living at Christ’s Haven, our high school students were meeting grade-level standards only 12%of the time and are now meeting grade-level standards67% of the time.
  • 64% of Christ’s Haven’s K-8th students approached or met grade-level standards in math, compared to only41% of economically disadvantaged students in Texas approaching or meeting grade-level math standards.
  • School-aged children living at Christ’s Haven attend Keller ISD schools, which is ranked in the Top 25%academically in Texas.

Intervention Resources

Due to the challenges and instability in a child’s life before coming to Christ’s Haven, they are often behind academically. Providing academic and mental health support and intervention is critical to our trauma-informed care:

  • Children and teens at Christ’s Haven received 462 hours of therapeutic counseling in 2020.Students made progress in 96% of the academic, physical, mental, and spiritual goals they set in 2020.
  • Our children and teens receive additional intervention as needed including speech therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, and tutoring.

Normalcy, Dignity, Hope

We know that a child’s educational experience is more than just what happens in a classroom. Focusing on our core values of normalcy, dignity, and hope means making sure each child is provided individualized opportunities to express themselves and grow socially:

  • Christ’s Haven children and teens participate in numerous extracurricular activities including football, basketball, soccer, track & field, dance classes, band, choir, theater, church youth group, etc.

College & Career Readiness

We don’t believe at age 18 anyone should be expected to figure out how to launch into adulthood on their own. Beginning their freshman year of high school and for up to five years after high school graduation, the young adults in our College & Career Readiness Program are provided support and access to critical tools needed. All while gaining independence and maturity with someone supporting and cheering them along:

  • 100% of high school students in our College and Career Readiness program graduate from high school. Students in traditional foster care have a 60% high school graduation rate.
  • Two of Christ’s Haven young adults received bachelor’s degrees from Pepperdine University and Abilene Christian University in 2021.

Christ’s Haven’s comprehensive programs provide more than just food and shelter. We provide a path to hope and healing supporting the whole child. And it takes all of us to join together. We see our student’s teachers as vital partners, and appreciate what one of our intermediate school teachers shared with us recently:

“One of my students who lived at Christ’s Haven started the year off rocky, but once he understood that I was on his side and would fight for him, his joy was evident and negative behaviors fell away. Kids want to be loved and feel safe and be able to be kids. When they are sure that they can be themselves without threatening their stability, they flourish.”
–Ms. White, 6th grade math & science teacher to several students from Christ’s Haven

Will you help the children and teens living at Christ’s Haven flourish this school year? We ask you to consider donating and making this school year one of the best yet.