2020 Christ’s Haven for Children Annual Report

Whether a child lives at Christ’s Haven for 6 months or 16 years, we are determined to love them as our own and instill normalcy, dignity, and hope into their lives. Our trauma-informed, family model of care gives us the structure to do that each and every day. We hope you are as inspired as we are by the impact made in 2020 at Christ’s Haven.

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I will not soon forget 2020. I heard the word “unprecedented” more this year than in my entire lifetime. I learned what it meant to social distance and contact trace, the exact amount of time to quarantine based on exposure. I also learned to slow down, soak in the moments with family and friends, and to model resiliency. To be resilient means to adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma, threats or significant stress. As I looked around Christ’s Haven, I was awestruck by the amount of resiliency that surrounded us.

Our children on campus thrived and made the best of an unprecedented year. We finished out the school year with remote learning, social distanced recitals, and graduations like we had never seen before. Our amazing house parents adapted to every situation thrown their way and learned to connect deeper, become more creative, and continue to love our children on campus as their own. Our community and donors showed up in big and small ways. Our Food Pantry was so well stocked that we were able to reach beyond our campus and serve families at risk of needing placement and keeping their children fed and families intact. We were gifted with summer camps in a box, art kits, outdoor games, and so much more.

The experts are right, 2020 was unprecedented for us at Christ’s Haven. It showed our children on campus a new way to react to trauma, threats, or significant stress. We modeled stability in chaos, love in the uncertain, and calm in the storm. Because of you, we could help rewrite a part of their story. When problems arise, as they always will, families can stay stable. Normalcy can be sought. Dignity will remain. Hope is real.

As we head into 2021, we remain focused on our core values and mission. We will continue to serve children on our campus in our trauma-informed, family-based model of care instilling normalcy, dignity and hope every day despite what comes our way. We need your gift this year more than ever. We continue to see needs increase on our campus and within our community. We are committed to serving as many children and families as possible this year and for years to come.


Cassie McQuitty
CEO – Christ’s Haven For Children


The next time you’re up at the Christ’s Haven office, I hope you’ll take a quick peak into the Board Room and see the wall display that shares the story of Christ’s Haven over the last 67 years. This visual representation shows the incredible growth and impact of an organization that began very much grass roots. It also shows that throughout the history of Christ’s Haven, there have been significant challenges.

And now we will be able to add living in the midst of a global pandemic in 2020 to that timeline. This year has presented many challenges for our entire world, and that has included Christ’s Haven as well. I’m incredibly grateful that even despite the challenges and difficulties at times, the Board of Directors, staff, and supporters of Christ’s Haven have stayed focused on our mission and how we can continue letting God use us as a way to bring hope to displaced children and young adults. It does not go unnoticed that while many organizations have had to scramble, our supporters have rallied behind us and allowed the work of providing normalcy, dignity, and hope to continue. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you.

Kelby Pope
Christ’s Haven For Children

Christ’s Haven Board Of Directors:
Kelby Pope, Chair
Dr. Amy Coffey, Secretary
Willie Bowdre
David Isom
Tye Lamberth
Darrin Lewis
Ricky McBride
Kathy Moore
Neville Parnell
Joe Tolbert
Mike Trader


This past year we made sure as an organization we are laser focused on the core values behind everything we do at Christ’s Haven and why Normalcy, Dignity, and Hope are critical to our mission. A few staff members reflect on each of those core values.


Normalcy at Christ’s Haven is just what it sounds like: allowing our kids and teens to experience their childhoods in as normal a way as possible. We believe in providing the love and support of family to our kids, and an important way of accomplishing this is by pursuing as many normal childhood experiences as we can for them. As the culture in child welfare is changing everywhere, the entire Christ’s Haven campus is embracing this welcome change. Everywhere you look, you see kids participating in dance or cheer. Teens suiting up to play team sports or preparing for a music lesson. Kids of all ages inviting friends to their homes to hang out or leaving campus for a sleepover. What a privilege it is to be on the sidelines of these kids’ and teens’ lives as they experience the joy that life has to offer!

Maddie Churchman – VP of Programs

“To me dignity is the essential worth and value God has given every single human. No one can take that away. At Christ’s Haven, we must focus on instilling that dignity into a child or young adult who is navigating a child welfare system and unknown future that would otherwise try to tell them their dignity is less than. We instill dignity by making sure that the children and young adults we care for are never just a number or statistic. We instill dignity by meeting them where they are and better understanding everything that goes into who they are including their background and culture. We instill dignity by letting their personal story be one they get to tell when and however is healing for them. We instill dignity by allowing them to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and grow on their terms.”

Kelly Strzinek – Communications & Marketing Director

“Hope is essential in the lives of children who are displaced due to circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances where relationships with biological family means temporary or permanent separation. Hope to the families of these children, teens, and young adults is that they will be cared for spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

At Christ’s Haven we provide hope to our children with not only a family model of care but also by offering support to the families of our children we serve. These services are offered during and after placement such as counseling, gap services and transitional living programs for children, teens and young adults. Each staff and family member provides hope to our children through daily interactions so they can look forward to their future after Christ’s Haven.”

Vivian Dorsett, PhD – Life Path & Transition Manager


Average age at placement: 11 years old
Average GPA: 86.4
Student attendance rate: 98.35%
2/3 of teens have a relationship with Jesus
462 hours of counseling provided
Youth made progress in 96% of goals


100% opened a bank account
80% obtained a learner’s permit or drivers license
100% graduated from high school
90% have gainful employment
100% have secured health insurance

Christ’s Haven launched the Gap Services program in 2020. The purpose is to stand in the gap for families in need or at risk of child placement.

  • 309 families provided with meals & household items
  • 70 hours of counseling provided

1,428 Christ’s Haven volunteers donated 4,929 hours in 2020


Like many things in 2020, our plans had to adapt and change. We are grateful that we were still able to hold several of our longstanding events with extra precautions in place and extra excitement to support the mission of Christ’s Haven.

Christ’s Haven 28th Annual Golf Classic – April 16
Work Days – May 1 & September 18
Fashion Show – October 23
Open House – November 13


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2020 Christ’s Haven award winners. These community partners and volunteers continue to go above and beyond in support of Christ’s Haven mission.
Outstanding Resale Shop Volunteer of the Year
Outstanding Corporate Partner of the Year
Outstanding Philanthropic Group of the Year
Outstanding Church Partner of the Year
Outstanding Individual Volunteer of the Year
Outstanding Educator of the Year
COLON TAYLOR (Trinity Meadows Intermediate)
Christ’s Haven Youth Spotlight Award


Q&A – Meet Mentor, Monique Hill
How has mentoring made an impact on you?
Mentoring goes much deeper emotionally and spiritually than most child/adult relationships. Alayah and I share our cultures with each other. I grew up with European parents in Houston, and she grew up with an African mom and American dad in Fort Worth. She has four siblings while I only have one. I introduce her to different foods, and she teaches me how to dance. I hope that I can be another source of comfort and companionship to her. My heart feels full every time we are together. On top of that, I have gained a community of kids I cherish and who I hope know that no matter where they end up, I will always be in their corner cheering them on or lending a hand if they ever need it.
What would you say to anyone considering being a mentor?
If it’s even a notion in your mind, do it! Don’t overthink it.
Mentoring is a commitment, but it’s not as rigid or time consuming as you might think. The joy is that you will want to spend every chance you can with the young person you mentor. They will dictate what their needs are, if they want deep conversation or just someone to hang out with. Phone calls are as vital and joyfully anticipated as visits. Funny enough, my favorite times with Alayah have been exploring Walmart for goodies and talking while we shop. We’ve had the most fulfilling conversations and also the biggest laughs in of all places, Walmart!

Teagan Caudle lived at Christ’s Haven as a teenager from 1985-1988 after experiencing abuse and unstable living conditions. He now lives in Dallas working in software technical support and is the proud husband of 11 years to his wife, Nicole.

What was your experience living at Christ’s Haven like?
As frequently as I had been moved around my entire childhood (five different elementary schools, two junior highs, and three high schools), at first it felt like before – just having to adapt again to another place where I feel a little alien. Those feelings changed, and Christ’s Haven was more like what I would think a home would be like…far more stable and welcoming.
What did you learn while living at Christ’s Haven that made the most impact?
It provided a sense of stability, community, and hope. It gave me a sense of home, which is how I refer to it over and over again. It was the most prolonged period that I was in one place during my entire childhood. A sense of home and belonging are crucial to children. As my wife says, “love without harm.”
What about Christ’s Haven’s mission led to you choosing us as one of your partners?
We absolutely love the structure Christ’s Haven has in place for each child. We feel it is incredibly important for children to experience routines, family dinners, celebrations, discipline, and all the ups and downs that are part of life. Each child growing up at Christ’s Haven has the blessing of a stable foundation, filled with love and mature guidance for a successful path into adulthood.
How does your company support Christ’s Haven?
Over the last 35 years we have supported Christ’s Haven both personally & professionally. That has included donating bikes at Christmastime, coordinating volunteer groups, sponsoring a child in the late 80’s, and donating our time to helping with marketing and website needs. We are also a year-round partner through our business, Compassion For Kids. Compassion For Kids’ mission is to provide financial resources and awareness for children’s charities through sales of promotional products (t shirts, caps, mugs, anything with a company name on it). Compassion For Kids donates 20% of each client’s spending, not profits but spending, back to one of our featured children’s charities. Our goal is to help clients take care of their marketing needs while together we give back to organizations like Christ’s Haven.
Why is it important for business leaders to partner with nonprofit organizations?
There are many benefits to partnering your company with a cause that you truly care about. A partnership will raise awareness which leads to a larger donor base allowing the nonprofit organization to scale their resources through financial help and volunteers. Other reasons include your business reputation, brand recognition, building goodwill and a reputation of integrity for your company.
What is your philanthropy philosophy?
There are a lot of great causes out there, but we have focused on helping kids because kids can’t help themselves. Our philanthropic philosophy is inspired by the Greatest Philosopher of all time and one of our favorite verses which reads like this:
“True devotion, the kind that is pure and faultless before God the Father, is this: to care for orphans and widows in their difficulties.” James 1:27


2020 Expenses
2020 Revenue – $2,596,200
Resale Shop
Special Events
  • 1,228 households made a monetary donation to Christ’s Haven in 2020.
  • The average donation amount was $749.
  • 824 in-kind donations of items or services were made with a value of $180,000+.
  • $30,000 in gift cards were donated for house parents to use throughout the year for birthdays, activities, and eating out as a family.


We are grateful for the donations made in 2020

Lorie and Glenn Addison
Angie and Jeff Aldredge
Ronda and Erik Bauer
Ann Beeker
Marilyn and Kal Bergstrom
Pamela and Grant Blaies
Janine and Jonathan Booher
Jennifer and Chad Brackeen
Bluford Brady Jr.
Melba and David Brown
Dana and Scott Browne
Cheryl Burns
Karen Carlson
Tanya and Lt. Col David Claire
Jay Clayton

Theresa and Timothy Cobb
Diane and Larry Coble
Amy and Allen Coffey
Michele and Gary Cramer
Helena Dainow
Cindy and Richard Darmon, Jr.
Judy and Robert Dow
Judy and Larry Dunlap
Anne and Gary Dye
Lindsey and Timothy James Dyll
Christine Ehrhart
Lisa and William Fandrich
Chalie and Timothy Galligan
Joyce and Murl Getter
Maybeth and Steven Gilbert
Ashley Paige and Sam Gregory
Trisha and Jeffrey
Donald Grimmett
Ruth and John Gross
Karyn and Robert Haas
Edward Sr., Thelma, and Edward Jr. Harvey Fund
– in memory of Thelma Harvey
John Hoffmann and Karina Nacimento
Winifred and James Huff
Dixie and George Hurd
James Irwin
David Isom
Marilyn Jones
Jami and Chris Kindle
Larry Kjeldgaard
Ezra Kuenzi

Tracey and Mark LaNeve
The Logan Family
Nelda McCord and Gordon Evans –
in memory of Amy & Charles Cooper
Jodi and Michael McCormack
Pat and James McGilvray
Donna and Roger McKee
Betty and Arthur McLemore
Shallon and Jason Mehr
Michelle Meiser
Jenifer and Ray Mulholland
Helen and Lee Nicholson
Shellee and Carlos Nuques
Kim and William Paschall
Sherrie and Rick Patterson
Sharon and Kelby Pope
Mary Lynn and George Reich
Belinda and Edward Robbs
Kris and Craig Rogers
Missy and Derek Sharp
Janet and Ronald Shuff
Angela and John Spooner
Pegeen and Michael Standish
Lavona Stiffler
Lorie Thompson
Heather and Joseph Tolbert
Amy and Mike Trader
Maria Viramontes
Nacia and Gary West
Cheryl and Joe White –
in memory of Richard White
Mary Ann Wyss Cummings
Christi Young


Robert Bailey
Don Barkman
Russ Barkman
Apinder Bedi
Jill and Steve Bennett
Mary and Charles Bloomberg
Troy Bowman
Cindy and Howard Boykin
Karen Brennan
Fred Butz
Diane and Dennis Cape
Robert Chaplin
Nelda Jo Cook
David Darter
Sally and James Engstrom
Darleen Gallia
Deborah Garcia
Judith Glover
Barbara and Craig Gray
C.D. and Richard Hackworth
Rachel Hale
Brian Heidebrecht
Alice Henry
Julie and David Holland
Gary and Joye Holmes
Mary and Rodney Irvin
Lee and Earl Isabell
Belinda and Kenneth Lowrie
Steve Marshall
Linda Mclean
Peggy and Harold Millender
Ken Moak
Jeri and Jeff Molenburg
Marcie and Benjamin Moore
Terri and Bob Mullen
Justin Patterson
Keith Phillips
Oleta and Johnny Posey
Doris and Carl Powell
Runez and J. D. Pruitt
Nataliya and Todd Rehnquist
Martha and Richard Risser
Charme and Dwight Robarts
Tim Robarts
Jan and Jimmy Rogers
Lloyd Sauls
Patsy and Clyde Slimp
Leesa Smith
June and Mike Smith
Phyllis and Gary Stalcup
Joyce Stanley
Benita Stone
Cloyce Titus
Emma and Clayton Venable
Patricia Verbeeck
Michael G. Vogel
Martha Walker
Jennifer Walley
Dianne Warner
Dolores and Roger Webb
Sherrie Weiser
James Whitley
Jenn and Brian Young

Kelly Dossey
Lauren Dossey
Chloe Hull
Sabrina Jefferys
Savannah Jefferys
Haley Fisher Keller
Hanna Fisher Keller
Marisa Kipp
Madie McQuitty
Marlie McQuitty
Celeste Rhoades
Hannah Rhoades
Neal Rhoades
Ella Walden


We work to instill normalcy, dignity, and hope into the lives of the children, teens, and young adults living at Christ’s Haven. While that work takes place within the neighborhood of homes on campus, we know at some point they will no longer be at Christ’s Haven. So whether a child lives at Christ’s Haven for 6 months or 16 years, we want their time here to help prepare them for their path ahead.

Sometimes that path looks like reunification with their family. Sometimes that looks like staying in the College & Career Readiness program until they are ready to launch into adulthood. Each child and each young adult are unique. No matter what their path looks like, we are here to provide them the support they need and to cheer them on along the way.

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