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Teen Mother

The teen mother program at Christ’s Haven for Children strives to meet the needs of teenage mothers by providing a loving and supportive home environment that teaches the teenager to be an effective parent to her child while completing her education. Participants include adolescent mothers (ages 12-17) who have custody of their child and are unable to receive financial or emotional support from their family.

The teen mother program parallels the residential campus care program in its goal of providing a warm, loving, Christian environment in which children in need of basic care can grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become productive citizens in society.

M E E T I N G     T H E    N E E D S     O F     T H E     T E E N     M O T H E R
 In addition to providing parenting skills, Christ’s Haven strives to meet the emotional, spiritual, and developmental needs of the teenage girl. Each teen mother and her child live in a Christ’s Haven cottage with other teenage mothers and their children, along with live-in houseparents. Housing, food, clothing, education, and provisions to meet emotional and developmental needs are provided, as directed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Minimum Standards for General Residential Operations. The teenager participates in weekly church services and youth group activities. Each girl is encouraged to participate in community and school functions. Case managers conduct regular service meetings to set and evaluate behavioral, family, educational, social, spiritual, and emotional goals.

M E E T I N G     T H E   N E E D S     O F     T H E     C H I L D
 In an attempt to strengthen the family bond, the child resides in the same home as his/her mother. The child attends preschool during the day and returns to the cottage after the mother has been released from school. Medical care and well-child evaluations are provided on a regular basis as recommended by the child’s pediatrician. The child also participates in monthly developmental evaluations conducted by their Christ’s Haven case manager, using the Early Childhood Intervention process.

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