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F A Q     A B O U T     G R O U P     C A R E

Q: How long does the program last?
Q: How long does my child have to stay there?
A: We require that a child in our care stay a minimum of 6 months. We will keep a child in our care for as long as needed.

Q: Does the biological parent or legal guardian give up guardianship?
A: No. Christ’s Haven for Children is granted “temporary guardianship” in order to place a child in school, get medical care, etc.

Q: Where do the children attend school?
A: The children attend Keller ISD schools.

Q: How many live in each home?
A: There may be up to eight children in each home.

Q: Do they eat meals at a campus cafeteria?
A: Each cottage operates as much like a normal home as possible. The house parents select and cook meals with the assistance of the children.

Q: What is a typical day like?
A: Children stay very busy during the school year. They are up and ready for the school bus to arrive around 7:30am. After school each day, the children have a snack, change clothes and have some time to play or complete chores. They then help prepare the evening meal, clean and wash dishes. After dinner they do their homework and have a little free time before bedtime. The children attend church services on Wednesday evenings and Sundays.

Q: What do they do during the summer when school is out?
A: Activities on campus include a “summer program” that consists of recreational time (including swimming), some educational classes and summer camps.

Q: May I give money to my child when placement occurs?
 Q: May I send money to my child during the time the child is in residence?

A: All monies given to a child placed at Christ's Haven for Children are to be turned in to the accounting department by the house parent so that it may be accounted for officially.

Q: If a child’s social security money is transferred to Christ's Haven for Children during the child’s stay, how is it transferred back to the child when the child is dismissed?
A: The issuance of a child’s Social Security check is transferred to Christ's Haven for Children during the child’s stay. Christ's Haven for Children coordinates with responsible party if transfer to Christ's Haven for Children does not occur timely. When the child is dismissed, Christ's Haven for Children notifies Social Security Administration of the child’s dismissal date in order for SSA to transfer issuance of the checks back to the child.

Q: What if a child becomes an adult (has 18th birthday) while at Christ's Haven for Children?
A child that is in the program successfully that turns 18 may remain in the program until graduation from high school. At that time, plans will be made to enroll the child into college or assist them in finding full-time work. A transition home is available on campus for high school graduates. Click here to learn more about our Life Path Transition Program.


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