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Blessed to be called MOM

Blessed to be called MOM

This morning was a very busy morning.  I had two children who had to be at the office for an appointment at7:40.  Yes, I forgot!  Got the girls up and out the door in 10 minutes.  With 2 gone, I went ahead and started getting everyone else up and going!  Breakfast, Oh My! Lorrie,our  5 year old wanted eggs, sausage and toast.  Trying to explain to her this was a Saturday breakfast not a Tuesday breakfast, didn’t go well.  Lorrie wanted to know where Daddy was, he would cook it for her!  Mommy was being mean!  Well, Daddy was at work, and yes Mommy did make it for her.  Not only for her but for all 8 of My Little Darlings!  I had become Mommy of the Morning!  Didn’t last long, came time to get dress. Macey Lynn,who is 9  has a disability, today was blue bathing suit day.  I couldn’t find this bathing suit to save my life.  As I was looking, I could hear over and over “I need the bathing suit” “I need the blue bathing suit” I did find it, wet and in Macey’s  laundry basket!  I had 30 minutes until Camp, quick wash it was!  Yeah for Mom washed dried and then we didn’t want to wear it!  Finished up the morning with making beds, packing lunches, filling water bottles, throwing a load of towels in the wash and loading up, counting 8 children and off to Day Camp!  What a morning it was!  As I return home I finish with all the households chores, have a few minutes of quiet time then off to the grocery store for groceries!  My afternoon is coming to a close time to go get the kids!  As they load up in the van, their little voices ring with laughter, talking about their day!  As we pull into the house I hear Ice Cream time!  This is a very important time of the day for Macey Lynn. Her ice cream has to be just right.  4 scoops of ice cream, 2 scoops of one flavor, 2 scoops of another flavor!  Yes, it MUST be this way!  The evening approaches , Dad comes home from work!  Little voices Daddy’s Home!  Yeah, Daddy’s home!  As I’m cooking dinner, Lisa one of our 12 year olds is talking with me in the kitchen.  She reminds me of how she has been with John and I for 9 years next week! How thankful she is to live in a family with so much love and how lucky she was that CPS told her Mother to put her at Christ Haven. Lisa asked why her Mother picks drugs and beer over her? I really didn’t have an answer, but I knew God has a plan! This plan included Lisa coming to Christ Haven!  As the conversation continues, Lisa asked “MOM, You like being a mom don’t you?” Is this why you let Macey yell when she is angry? Also why you always help Macey and Lorrie all the time? I remember when I was little you always made me and Kacie peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before bed. I asked Lisa do you know why I did this? Yes, because before we lived with you we didn’t have food! Our Mother would make us go to bed hungry!  Yes, I replied! But also because I love you and that is what Mommies do!  You know You are my mommy!  My Mother has never come back to see me!  I took Lisa into my arms, held on tight, silently thanked God for her sweet spirit and heart!  Thanked God for bringing Lisa into our lives!  Yes, I had rough a morning and most morning are like this!  How Blessed Am I To Be Called MOM By 8 Little Lambs Of GOD!

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