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In 1954, Homer and Lillian Steadman purchased a large home at 1632 East Vickery Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas to provide a home for disadvantaged children. Within a very short time, the Steadman’s had ten children in their care.

Realizing that the need was greater than the space they had available, the Steadman’s began looking for a larger place to build cottages and provide a traditional home life for more children. In 1956, the Steadman’s joined with many other interested families, and were able to purchase a farm in Keller to found Christ's Haven for Children.

Our Ministry

Today Christ's Haven for Children has five cottages, a Community Enrichment Center, a Life Path house, a gymnasium, and a chapel. The home cares for approximately 40 children.  The children receive medical and dental care, counseling, and tutoring as needed in a warm and loving home under the care and guidance of full-time house parents.

Through the years over 5000 children have been served by this program. Those who move on usually become responsible citizens in society, giving testimony that Christ's Haven for Children made a tremendous difference in their lives.

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