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Abby's Generous Spirit

Abby's Generous Spirit

Recently, while taking Abby to a doctor’s appointment, we were stopped at a red light and saw a homeless man holding a cardboard sign asking for money to buy food. We quickly drove past him.

When we left the doctor’s office and were driving back to Christ's Haven, Abby asked if I remembered the homeless man we had seen earlier and went on to say "you know most people don't make eye contact with homeless people, they drive right past them and don't even think about them." She continued "the next time we are here, can I bring some of my money to give to that homeless man?"

I praised her and then we talked about one of the ways to show God's love is to be kind and generous towards others. We talked about the effects of being kind to one person and how it makes them want to show kindness to others. Toward the end of our conversation I told Abby that most children don't have compassion for the homeless and that I admire her. I then had to explain what admire means.

Abby's eyes lit up when she realized that I think highly of her. Looking back I realize that I was humbled by Abby's generous spirit. I was one of the people who did not make eye contact with the homeless man and drove on by, but Abby wanted to help, she wanted to change a life. I want to be more like this child.

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