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A mom's story

A mom's story

Hello all! My name is Peggy Smyers and I’ve been asked to write a blog.

I’ve never written a blog before. I don’t think I’ve ever even had time to read a blog so I hope I get
this right.

Here’s my story...I’m a mom

My husband, Terry and I have been houseparents at Christs’ Haven for most of our married life. We’ve been blessed to raise three wonderful and beautiful biological daughters along with 100 plus “bonus” kids that God has seen fit to trust us with, as well. People look at our colorful little family as somewhat of a novelty, but we’re not so different from you. We’re parents and we have a fierce love for our children.

Our day starts early with terry off to work by 5:00 a.m. When he gets gone and my day begins, I get the girls up first so they can have plenty of time to do their girl stuff before heading down to the gym to have fun with their friends. My boys are much younger so I let them sleep as long as possible because they’re...well they’re boys...busy and chatty and full of energy and questions...and did I say busy??!!! I try to get all the important morning stuff done BEFORE I wake them up because I’m not usually able to focus on much else after that. Other mothers with young boys will understand.

We have seven children for now. Our oldest, Sarah is 15, and she’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She’s strong and sensitive and compassionate and funny, and she brings a sense of rightness to wherever she is. She’s loving her summer, hanging out and doing things with the other teenagers on our campus, and relaxing a bit from the extreme academic and extracurricular schedule she insists on carrying during the school year. She’s one of those people who always gives her best and others are drawn to her.

Next is Dasha, which pronounced like “Asia” with a D in front. (It’s important to her that people get that right.) She will be 14 in about two more weeks and she can’t wait!!! She reminds us nearly hourly how long ‘til her birthday! I still have trouble wrapping my brain around how much she’s grown. She was only 8 when she came to live with us...small and scared and unable to even look into my eyes. She had lived through a hurricane with many moves afterward, as she and her mom tried to find a place to start over and get settled. My first and most important mission was to help her learn that she’s safe and that she belongs with us. Now she spends most of her time singing and dancing and talking and playing tricks on people (mostly me, I think)...and reminding us her birthday’s almost here!

Chloe, or “Chlo BO” is our third oldest and she’s 13, going on 30. I first met her when she was just a baby and going to live with one of our smaller foster families. Her big brother was moving to our cottage, and I remember the day he got here that someone was carrying this beautiful tiny girl with big thoughtful, brown eyes and LOTS of dark curly hair. She still has those same beautiful eyes and the curly dark hair (which she hates and I love), but she’s certainly not a baby any more. She’s quite a young lady...sweet and kind and playful and patient and nurturing, and she’s destined to be a good mother.

Our boys are much younger and, as I said earlier, they’re all boy. They’re 10, 9, 8, and 7. Kaden is the oldest and is still new to us, but has melded into our family very quickly. He’s funny and silly and is learning what it takes to be a leader. He has a really sensitive side, as well and he loves to please us and make us proud...which we are.

Next is Chavous and he surprises me daily with his kind heart and his eagerness to help. I believe he
will do anything for anybody just to show love and kindness. He has a gentle soul, but he gets wild and crazy when it’s playtime for sure, and his singing voice is off the charts during shower time! (We have several shower singers...J)

Tonio is our soon to be second grader and is one of the sweetest little people I’ve even known...with one of the busiest little brains I’ve ever known, as well. He’s constantly in wonder about everything around him! I love to step back and try to see things through his eyes ...and he’s full of hugs!!

Our youngest for now is Fernando...or Fernie...or Fern. I have trouble sticking with formal names sometimes.
Fernie’s a whole lot of personality rolled into one little body. He’s sweet and silly and busy and laid back and loud and quiet and curious and wonderful! He’s just as likely to be running amuck outside playing pranks on everyone as he is to be sitting calmly for hours working on giant jigsaw puzzles or creating spinners with the magnetics...and he’s soooo cute!

This is our family.

Our days are filled with laughter and heartaches...giggles and upsets...triumphs and mistakes. One of us may be learning to tie his shoes or doggie paddle while another is talking about drivers’ ed and picking out what kind of car she wants (YIKES!). We have it all and our children amaze me. They’re so full of life and happiness and
creativity and joy and I’m thankful daily that God picked me...ME to be their mom! Plain old me who didn’t want to go to college or have a career or even make a plan for my future. I believe with everything in me that this WAS my plan even before I knew it. This life is what Terry and I were put here to live. It’s not always easy
for sure, but God never told us that it would be. He promised us joy and He has delivered that a thousand times over.

For as long as I can remember (except for the short stint when I decided I would someday be a ballerina) all I ever wanted was to marry a prince and live in a big castle and have 12 children.

I’m living my dream!

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